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One thing you want to make sure of here is that you do not buy a machine with too high frequency – i.e., one designed for gold prospecting (you can read our guide here on the best metal detectors for gold nuggets). You’d like to get into metal detecting but aren’t sure which detector to go with. They were out there for at least two hours when the batteries on Tyler’s metal detector died. He looked into the idea of using a metal detector, and that’s when a colleague told him about a group called The Ring Finders. Metal detecting is a great hobby that kids can enjoy while their young and continue to enjoy as they grow.

Larger items can be searched to a depth of 2 feet. It has a headphone jack for people who would rather search in solitude and requires two 9V alkaline batteries to run. It has sniff mode too, which can be used to eliminate certain metals that are commonly encountered as trash in one particular area.

Because of this, we only tested those metal detectors which had a large number of reviews and a positive customer review rating. Keeping this information in mind, we then went to and other online retailers, such as and, in order to find which metal detectors not only met the above criteria, but were also reviewed positively by consumers. We therefore looked for metal detectors that specialize in these areas. In deciding which metal detectors to test, we did online research and found out what people are normally using metal detectors for.

Ground Grab – This is an automated ground balancing mechanism that adjusts settings on the fly. Discrimination is one of the many you can choose from, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, and we might have spoken too soon, it turns out there is one that’s best at detecting gold . Of course, the best metal detectors aren’t the ones that are inherently better at finding massive veins of gold, but rather the ones that are best suited to your needs.

While you are checking out the beach, use the superior iron audio on this machine to eliminate the junk finds. While some metal detectors can’t be submerged in the water, this one is tailor made for operation on both land and in water. It features both manual and automatic ground balancing, and it is so sensitive that you can even change it gradually by quarter points until you find the right level to eliminate false signals. That feature is particularly handy if you’re trying to search a beach in the dark right after high tide.

The Teknetics Delta 4000 is an accurate metal detector that picked up more buried objects than any of the others we tested. We discovered most metal detectors aren’t incredibly accurate when it comes to the depth of buried objects, and the Delta 4000 got it right 32 percent of the time, more often than most of the machines we tested.

Хр Deus is as light weight as possible (it weighs 2,14 pounds), which means that the device is very convenient in use. Though they don’t work simultaneously – its only one frequency of the four possible chosen by the user. The device can identify even the smallest coin next to hand-made nail.

With its user-friendly design and easy-to-read gauges and systems, this is a solid starter model that is ideally suited for those who are looking to get introduced to the world of metal detecting. The display combined with the push button discrimination and one touch depth control will let you hunt for the smallest of metal objects buried deep under the ground. This is a durable, weather-proof metal detector that has a number of useful features, including 4 different search modes for finding coins, jewelry, artifacts or other metallic objects. It also comes with an adjustable ground balance, high residual iron discrimination for easy verification and a pro mode audio feature.

You can easily adjust your settings using the device’s included LCD screen controls. The Ace 300 offers the user ultimate control when it comes to customizing their search experience. Garrett is one of the leading manufacturers of detection devices which makes it unsurprising that the Ace 300 is a device that delivers high performance in any given environment.

This Fe-tone makes F75 very much suitable for relic hunting and can even relive user of fatigue after a long day of detecting. However, the Fisher F75 has a unique technology, know as Digital Shield Technology (DST), which allows the detector to have maximum sensitivity with minimum background noise levels. With this program, you can detect specific metal items and can also discriminate some new unwanted trash that might make a “good” target sound but consistently fall within a certain range. It has a zero-disc mode, which is used to detect all metal, a jewelry mode, to detect items like necklaces and watches, a coins mode, which is programmed to track U.S and other similar coins, a relics mode and a custom mode.

If you are the type of person that always has the newest and most expensive gadget, then go out and get the ATX, if you are more reserved with your spending and still not sure whether hunting is the hobby for you, consider purchasing the 2nd or 3rd model up within the brand. It will read accurately at depths of 10 – 12 inches, is fully submersible (including salt water) and can discriminate the good stuff from the trash with ease. At checkprice , it’s over approx.$1500 cheaper than the ATX yet still features some of the incredible capabilities of the more expensive machine. The Garrett AT Pro is a well-balanced, powerful machine perfect for both newbies and the more experienced.

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